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“Our mission is to be the best provider of service in the region and have the broadest coverage of towns and communities throughout North and South Carolina and Virginia.”

Rodney Pitts, Owner and Chairman

Since our establishment in 1949, the name Southern Elevator has represented a quality, full-service regional elevator service company, performing installation, repairs and modernizations across North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Our purpose is to ensure reliable, safe, vertical transportation of passengers on premises throughout the three states, and we strive at all times to provide you, our customer, with the highest standards of workmanship at a competitive rate.

Early Beginnings

Founded by elevator engineer M. B. Toler in 1949, Southern Elevator Company Inc. began as a manufacturer of elevator systems. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, over the decades we have expanded and evolved into one of the leading elevator modernization and service contractors in the southeastern U.S.

In 1991 the company was sold for estate reasons to Rodney C. Pitts. With his extensive experience in private equity investing, familiarity with the elevator industry, and degrees from Duke University and the University of Chicago Business School, Pitts recognized the need for a safe and reliable regional elevator service company in the region.

Exceptional Service Orientation

At the time of acquisition in 1991, Rodney Pitts promoted Bryant Aydelette, Toler’s grandson, to executive vice president, and later to the president of the company. The duo developed a client base for the company’s service-oriented business, to differentiate ourselves from the large, multinational elevator corporations.

As a regional elevator service company, Southern Elevator focuses on getting closer to our customer by educating, empowering and choosing talented and trustworthy technicians to represent the company. We have the capability to service a huge variety of elevator brands and models, which enables us to assist major clients including universities, hospitals, federal, state and municipal buildings, as well as small commercial applications.

A Growing Concern

Since the early 1990s, Southern Elevator has expanded beyond its base throughout North Carolina and into South Carolina and Virginia with the acquisition of Mountain Elevator (Asheville, North Carolina), Piedmont Elevator (Danville, Virginia), Quality Elevators (Wilson, North Carolina), and Atlantic Elevator (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina). This expansion has allowed us to grow from two branches to six thus solidifying a strong client base of more than 1,200 and maintenance of more than 4,000 elevators.

Our trained technicians perform a wide range of services from repair to complete refurbishment. The customer base incorporates commercial office buildings, medical facilities, nuclear and coal-fired power plants, sports and entertainment centers, retail outlets, government offices and military bases, airports, manufacturing plants and universities.

Our Guiding Principles

In our quest to be the best regional elevator service company in the southeast, we aim to deliver safe and reliable services by ensuring:

  • Every product we sell meets the most stringent standards for quality and performance.
  • Our trained teams are dedicated to protecting your investment, reducing your liability, and guaranteeing your equipment performs effectively.
  • Our technicians received thorough technical and safety training that enables them to respond to your needs without compromise.
  • To serve you best, we remain at the forefront of advances in industry technology and methodology.

We achieve these goals by requiring thorough technical and safety training for our technicians, responding to your needs, and being at the forefront of advances in industry technology and methodology—today and for decades to come.


All Southern Elevator Co. Inc.’s field technicians are members of the International Union of Elevator Contractors (IEUC). All are fully certified by the National Elevator Industry Education Program (NEIEP), and we also employ Qualified Elevator Inspectors (QEI) on staff.

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