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EarlierThe Electromagnetic ElevatorIn the closing decade of the 19th century, two American engineers independently explored using electromagnets as a means of powering elevators. These efforts, when considered in the context of the development of the linear- induction motor, reveal that, as is the case with elevators designed to move vertically and horizontally, [...]Mon, Nov 19, 2018Source: Elevator WorldAmos Rex: Futuristically Embracing the PastNew, carefully applied technology blends with the 1930s aesthetics of a Helsinki heritage building. A one-of-a-kind building opened in the heart of Helsinki in 1936. Dubbed “Lasipalatsi,” Finnish for “glass palace,” the clean, minimalist structure in the Streamline Moderne style has hosted restaurants, exhibition halls and offices.[1] It has included the [...]Mon, Nov 19, 2018Source: Elevator WorldHarmonized Elevator Dispatching and Passenger InterfacesIntroduction and Credits This article is based on an unpublished paper, “Intent of Specifications for Harmonized Dispatching — Groups of Passenger Elevators/Lifts for Office Buildings” by Barker Mohandas, LLC, and our prior project specifications covering such designs. Our designs as covered herein are now published for use without any restrictions from [...]Fri, Nov 16, 2018Source: Elevator WorldThe Royal Institution’s Micro Leveling Elevatorby Dr. Lee Gray, EW Correspondent London is filled with architectural, cultural, historical and technological treasures. One such treasure is in the Mayfair neighborhood at 21 Albemarle Street. There, visitors will find the Royal Institution of Great Britain, more commonly known as the Royal Institution (RI). Founded on March 7, 1799, [...]Mon, Oct 15, 2018Source: Elevator WorldPeriodic Maintenance and Modernization of Elevator Doorsby Ömer Gürkan Gürbüz “Periodic maintenance” refers to the maintenance processes carried out periodically — typically, every month — after the commissioning of the elevator by the elevator assembler or authorized service provider. This is done to ensure the elevator meets the maximum safety requirements or new code revisions, in [...]Mon, Oct 15, 2018Source: Elevator WorldElevator Drive MaintenanceHow to extend the life of VFDs, including an overview of maintenance inspection points and procedures Everyone in the elevator industry knows how complex an elevator system is. There are many moving mechanical parts, as well as electronic power-transmission components. Obviously, maintenance is required to maximize the lifespan of the elevator [...]Thu, Oct 11, 2018Source: Elevator WorldThe Care and Feeding of Escalators and Moving WalksIn this Industry Dialogue, an expert shares his informed opinions with EW. If anybody knows escalators and moving walks, it’s Ken Smith. Running consultancy Ken Smith & Associates out of the tiny town of Preston, Iowa, Smith is a mechanical engineer who has been involved in the industry for more than [...]Thu, Oct 11, 2018Source: Elevator WorldWestend GateWith a height of 159 m and 47 floors, the Westend Gate in Frankfurt, Germany, is an unmistakable part of the city’s skyline. Built in 1976, the high rise was modernized by KONE between September 2015 and January 2017. Our team had to schedule several hours of intensive onsite work, [...]Tue, Oct 09, 2018Source: Elevator...

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