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EarlierThe Ritter Controller and Door Locking Device for ElevatorsNineteenth and early 20th-century patent records include hundreds of designs for elevator door safeties. These designs include both overly simplistic and incredibly complex solutions. Many of these schemes shared a common characteristic: they existed solely in the mind of their inventors and within their respective patents. In other words, the [...]Mon, Sep 17, 2018Source: Elevator WorldOverseeing Insurance Defense: When Does It Make Sense?Many claims against companies involved in the vertical-transportation (VT) industry are covered by insurance policies and, typically, any such claims are forwarded to the appropriate insurer for handling. Whether a claim falls under general liability coverage, directors/officers liability coverage, errors and omissions coverage, a workers compensation policy, or some other policy [...]Mon, Sep 17, 2018Source: Elevator WorldMuseum of the BibleWith corporate offices in Salisbury, Maryland, and a strong presence throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Southeast U.S., Delaware Elevator, Inc. has provided the vertical-transportation (VT) systems for many landmark properties. For years, it has bid projects with Clark Construction, including notable ones in Washington, D.C., such as the Walter Reed [...]Fri, Sep 14, 2018Source: Elevator WorldArt and TransparencyGritti Morosini Palace is a building of historical and architectural value bound by the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the City of Venice and Lagoon. It was presumably built in the 16th century in Campo Sant'Angelo, Venice, Italy. The four-floor work of art is used as an [...]Mon, Sep 10, 2018Source: Elevator WorldAdding a Measure of SafetyErika has suffered from diabetes for many years, a disease that eventually led to her having to have her left leg amputated. As one who always enjoyed getting out and about, the Christmas gift of an electric scooter was a godsend. The device gave her back her independence, with the [...]Thu, Aug 30, 2018Source: Elevator WorldDarling Brothers HistoryThe development of the elevator industry in Canada followed a pattern common to Europe and the U.S. Companies that focused solely on elevator manufacturing were established, as were those that included elevator production within a broad range of other mechanical equipment. The latter group includes Darling Brothers, Ltd. An examination [...]Thu, Aug 09, 2018Source: Elevator WorldEncoder Position for PM MotorsPermanent-magnet (PM) motors have become popular options in elevator applications over the years due to their increased efficiency and performance characteristics. Since a PM motor’s rotor is magnetized by permanent magnets, rather than induced, the variable-frequency drive (VFD) must know the rotor position in relation to a stator pole pair [...]Thu, Aug 09, 2018Source: Elevator WorldCan a Motor Drive Harm an Elevator or Escalator System?Most modern elevator electric motors run via a variable-frequency drive (VFD) for AC motors and a DC controller (usually silicon-controlled-rectifier [SCR] based but, more recently for DC motors, insulated-gate-bipolar-transistor [IGBT] based) to control motor/elevator speed. Motor controllers save up to 55% in energy costs, but they can also create much [...]Wed, Aug 08, 2018Source: Elevator...

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