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EarlierThe Necessity of Oil Monitoring and FiltrationHydraulic oil is the lifeblood of the hydraulic system; it is estimated that 80% of failures in an oil system are related to oil quality and cleanliness.[1] However, little attention has been given to the oil in the hydraulic elevator over the past 40 years. The elevator code has no specific [...]Tue, Mar 13, 2018Source: Elevator WorldSpecial Regional Section: New YorkWith nearly 100,000 elevators in this region alone, New York is by far the largest and most active market for the elevator industry in the United States. This unique issue highlights top companies and professionals, while including an in-depth look at “the state” of the New York elevator industry. Editorial content [...]Fri, Mar 09, 2018Source: Elevator WorldYou’ve Been Served: How to Respond to a SubpoenaAvoiding litigation these days is not easy. Sometimes the net is cast wide enough in civil litigation, particularly in the vertical-transportation (VT) industry, that even individuals and companies not part of a litigated dispute often find themselves having to respond to subpoenas for records or testimony. If a subpoena is served [...]Fri, Mar 09, 2018Source: Elevator WorldCode Requirements for NYC Elevator Systems: An UpdateElisha Graves Otis’ demonstration of an elevator safety device at the Crystal Palace in New York City (NYC) in 1852 helped launch the modern vertical-transportation (VT) industry by boosting public confidence in these machines that would allow buildings to climb to greater and greater heights. It is only natural that [...]Fri, Mar 02, 2018Source: Elevator WorldForm Meets Function at the Centro BotínCentro Botín is a major new visual arts center in Santander, Spain, commissioned and financed by the Fundación Botín, a philanthropic Spanish institution founded in 1964. The building, in an urban setting that links the city to its waterfront, was designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano. As well as offering the [...]Thu, Feb 08, 2018Source: Elevator WorldEarly 20th-Century European Elevator Regulations, Part TwoPart One of this series (ELEVATOR WORLD, January 2018) introduced “Apparecchi di Sollevamento e di Transporto: Gli Elevatori Industriali Considerati nei Riguardi della Sicurezza del Loro Esercizio” (“Lifting and Transportation Equipment: Industrial Elevator Use and Safety”) by Italian engineer Luigi Pontiggia, director of the Associazione Degli Industriali d’Italia per Prevenire [...]Thu, Feb 08, 2018Source: Elevator WorldHalt Hydraulic Elevator System Problems Before They StartThe oil used in hydraulic elevators is an integral part of operation efficiency and longevity. Hydraulic elevators, which are still prevalent operating systems in many midsize buildings, tend to fail as a result of improper oil maintenance. Identifying the problem and applying an appropriate solution will greatly increase the life [...]Thu, Feb 08, 2018Source: Elevator WorldTaking On the Big GuysSouth Africa’s Nu-Line has a strategy for success. As international vertical-transportation (VT) companies continue to expand their operations in Africa to take advantage of a growing elevator repair and maintenance market, small and medium-sized elevator and escalator firms on the continent are branching...

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