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Since 1949 – Southern Elevator has been the premier Elevator Service Company in the Charleston area.

Southern Elevator Co. Inc. was founded 1949 by engineer M. B. Toler for the purpose of manufacturing elevator systems. By the early 1990s, however, the company expanded to surrounding areas and now provides service as the leading elevator contractors in Charleston, South Carolina. With six branches around the southeastern U.S., we offer elevator testing services, maintenance and repairs for more than 4,000 elevators.

The Charleston Market

Charleston is the oldest (and largest) city in the state of South Carolina, lying just south of the center of the SC coastline on Charleston Harbor. With the 78th largest metropolitan area in the U.S. Charleston had a population of around 761,000 in 2016. A rich historical past makes the city a popular tourist destination, and it has a significant number of hotels, inns and restaurants catering to this market. The city is also a popular location for information technology companies, and with two commercial shipping terminals, it has a buzzing economy. All this economic activity creates a well-developed customer base for elevator contractors in Charleston, and Southern Elevator strives to fulfill the demand for quality services.

Elevator Testing Services

The state of South Carolina has strict regulations governing business and residential premises, and elevator testing services are essential to ensure building owners and managers offer safe, reliable vertical transportation for passengers. At Southern Elevator Co. Inc. we inspect all the components of your elevator systems, including:

  • Machine rooms
  • Outside hoistways
  • Top of elevator cars
  • Elevator car interiors
  • The elevator pit, and
  • Firefighter service access

During this process, our elevator contractors in Charleston ensure the signage and symbols are functioning correctly, elevator cars have adequate ventilation and backup power is in place for each unit. We also check the emergency signals, traveling cables and more than 60 other safety features that impact an inspection. If we discover any features are not working properly, Southern Elevator Co. Inc. can provide estimates to repair these.

Maintain the peace of mind that goes with operating only the safest and most reliable transportation with our elevator testing services.

Additional Elevator Services

As the foremost elevator contractors in Charleston, SC, Southern Elevator Co. Inc. offers additional services on either a contract or a one-off basis. Maintenance contracts are one of the best ways to ensure the ongoing operation of your elevator system, and this type of contract includes regular free inspections and elevator testing services. For building owners and managers who require the installation of new elevators, either on existing premises or in a new construction project, we are your one-stop-shop for these services. In addition, through our partnership with SnapCab, we deliver quality refurbishment and modernization of outdated elevator cab interiors, which can be installed in less than a day.

For more information, or to obtain an estimate from our elevator contractors in Charleston, please contact: (843) 767-6828

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