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Highly Trained and Certified Elevator Repair Technicians

Elevator repair services are an important part of your building maintenance and the safety and comfort of your vertical traffic. Our repair technicians are highly trained and NEEIP certified to ensure technical excellence and the highest safety standards.

Whether you require residential or commercial elevator repair, our teams are qualified to read and interpret the blueprints for your system and perform repairs in compliance with safety regulations and building codes.

Repair and Replacement

From the assembly of elevator cars to the installation of platforms, walls and doors, we can repair or replace faulty components to restore the elevator to full operational status. Our repair services also include:

  • Connection of electrical wiring to control panels and electrical motors
  • Troubleshooting brake and control systems to repair malfunctions
  • Dismantling of elevators to gain access for the removal and replacement of defective components
  • Testing of newly installed components to ensure full compliance with state regulations
  • Logging of service records for all repairs and other maintenance tasks.

These days, new elevators have computerized control systems, which requires crews performing elevator repairs to be knowledgeable about sophisticated technology.

Weekly Safety Meetings

We hold weekly safety meetings to keep our technicians abreast of the latest in safety procedures. Service crews often undertake major repairs such as replacement of electric motors, hydraulic pumps, control panels, cables, elevator doors or machine bearings, which may require the use of rigging equipment, cutting torches and other heavy industrial tools.

Our technicians are highly qualified to maintain and repair all types and brands of elevator equipment. Even if you have a service contract with another company, we can provide a competitive building elevator repair quote or replace equipment.

An Exceptional Repair Service

At Southern Elevator, we are your one-stop-shop for regional elevator repairs. We take the time to clearly understand your circumstances, and to deliver an exceptional service based on your particular needs.

With 70 years of experience in the region, we have the staff and technology to deliver the service you require. Our crews are trained to appreciate the difference between elevator repairs and replacement, and will never recommend one if the other will suffice.

With six branches across North and South Carolina and Virginia, our teams strive to protect your investments throughout the southeastern U.S. Our goal is to reduce your liability, while at the same time ensuring your elevators are fully functional and operating efficiently.

Submit a Repair Request

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