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Elevator Maintenance Contracts

Elevator maintenance contracts are a mainstay of good stewardship for building and facility managers making use of vertical transportation. There’s a lot riding on the regular upkeep and repairs to your equipment, with its complex engineering and hundreds of parts that need to be maintained. In addition to fulfilling state legal requirements and preserving the technical components of the system, elevator maintenance contracts enable you to:

  • avoid expensive repair projects
  • ensure the safety of your passengers
  • pass mandatory state inspections, and
  • operate according to the required building codes for your region.

Our elevator service contracts offer a range of options for customers to choose between, all of which are guaranteed to provide you with the peace of mind that your elevators are faultless and operating with optimal efficiency. Types of contracts available include:

  1. Full Maintenance Contracts

Based on a monthly or quarterly fee, this service covers items that are the result of normal wear and tear. It includes regular servicing of elevator equipment and the repair or replacement of items covered in the contract.

  1. Exam and Lubrication Contracts

These elevator service contracts incur a monthly or quarterly fee that covers:

  • regular oiling and greasing of equipment,
  • minor adjustments, and
  • reports of any potential problems that are discovered.

We also provide quotes for carrying out any essential repairs that are required.

New Elevator Installations

The installation of new elevators represents a complex construction project for most building and facility managers. At Southern Elevator, we handle all aspects of your new elevator installation, with a team of experts equipped with the most modern equipment. We strive to ensure all work is done in accordance with our safety, efficiency and modernization goals.

Most new elevator installations are associated with new construction. Our Southern Elevator teams are able to work around other construction contractors, without disturbing or delaying other aspects of your new development.

With 70 years of experience, Southern Elevator will make sure your new elevator installations are safe, reliable, and completed on time and within budget.

Elevator Testing

Elevator testing is a state requirement for all elevator owners and operators. At Southern Elevator, we inspect all aspects of your vertical transportation including the machine room, outside hoistway, top of the elevator car, elevator car interior, elevator pit, and firefighter service access. During the elevator testing process, we verify factors such as:

  • signs and symbols are operating properly,
  • car ventilation is adequate,
  • emergency signals are functional,
  • traveling cables are secure,
  • backup power is in place, and
  • more than 60 other safety features are in effect.

After thorough elevator testing, Southern Elevator will be able to repair any features that are not working properly, giving you the peace of mind that goes with operating safe and reliable elevators.

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