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There’s a lot to be said for modern, up-to-date buildings and facilities. They appear more professional and command higher rentals than less well-appointed premises do. Refurbishment of a building is not complete without considering elevator modernization, to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during vertical transportation.

A Timeworn Problem

Elevator interiors are one of the first things visitors and potential customers notice. Drawing their attention to timeworn and grubby cabs, doors and fixtures can raise the question in their minds of whether the controls are in the same condition. Regardless of how well you’ve maintained your elevators, a shabby appearance can result in dissatisfaction on the part of your visitors. Elevator modernization is the ideal solution to these concerns.

From a Facelift to a Renovation

At Southern Elevator, we can provide services ranging from a simple “facelift” of your elevators to a complete renovation of your existing equipment. By using non-proprietary elevator controls in all our installations, combined with fast, reliable service, we can perform elevator modernization that results in your elevators both looking superb and working efficiently in a very short time.

Cab Interior Redesign

We specialize in cab interior redesign using a computer simulation program that enables you to view and contemplate multiple different options for your elevator modernization project. You’ll be able to see and experience how the new elevator cabs will look, well before any installations begin.

The SnapCab Connection

Southern Elevator is a certified SnapCab installer, approved to deploy the revolutionary SnapCab system throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Through this partnership with, we can install a new elevator interior in as little as one day.

The SnapCab concept enables instant installation of new wall panels, which are all elevator code and LEED compliant, and are fire-tested for use.

In addition to the wall paneling, the system includes:

  • Handrailing
  • Optional elevator pads
  • Beautiful suspended interior cab ceilings

Since the founding of Southern Elevator in 1949, our name has been synonymous with quality, full-service elevator maintenance. More recently, however, we have spearheaded the elevator modernization movement in the southeastern U.S., creating beautiful new interiors for buildings with outdated elevators. We strive at all times to provide reliable, safe, vertical transportation of passengers on premises throughout the three states, and deliver to our customers the highest standards of workmanship at competitive rates.

Southern Elevator is a SnapCab Certified Installer

Watch the Transformations Below

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