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At Southern Elevator Co. Inc., safety is a priority for all our elevator contractors. We understand that every building with elevators is required to provide safe, efficient vertical transportation of passengers. Elevator safety is extremely important to us, and our safety protocols and practices are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the industry across the country.

The Highest Safety Standards in the Industry

Our Southern Elevator Company Inc. Safety Manual is industry-specific, promoting the highest safety standards through the guiding principles of the elevator code, our training and our practices. We hold a solid safety record, with EMR and OSHA records to confirm this. Our safety program and work processes are personnel-driven to ensure policies are not only followed, but effective.

Extensive Safety Training

We employ field technicians who are industry veterans with sound experience in elevator repair servicesand encourage all our workers to implement best safety practices at all times. All workers receive top-level technical and safety training, while field technicians receive industry-specific safety training as part of their IUEC apprenticeship program. Many of our technicians have also completed OSHA training requirements.

Deployment of Safety Processes

Our elevator contractorsutilize signage, barricades and proper “Lock Out, Tag Out” to prevent the general public from danger while we are working, to ensure no service or repair activities put our customer or others at risk. In addition, every field tech has the authority to stop work or remove equipment from operation if he or she has any safety concerns for our team or the riding public. Weekly safety meetings take place during which our staff are apprised of the latest developments in elevator safety.

Guaranteed Equipment Reliability

We promote only the highest equipment and maintenance standards, which focus on delivering complete rider safety while at the same time ensuring the safety of our team members. All actions taken while performing elevator repair servicesare aimed at guaranteeing general public safety and reliable vertical transportation equipment usage, regardless of age, limitations or abilities.

Regular Staff Screening

Each of our employees are subjected to random alcohol and drug screening, criminal and credit background evaluations, and are fully versed in OSHA’s workplace safety doctrine. All technicians maintain their status with OSHA Basic and Basic Plus, and hold TWIC and e-Railsafe cards.

Compliance with Standards

Southern Elevators belongs to and complies with the requirements of all local safety councils throughout North and South Carolina and Virginia, to ensure all elevators meet current ANSI and OSHA regulations. In addition, we are a member in good standing of the PICS Consortium, ISNetworld, Browz, and PEC, and as elevator contractorswe continue to hold a positive EMR rating.

Adequate Risk Protection

Employees have the right to work in a safe environment, customers and suppliers to demand adequate protection from risk, and the public to expect safe, convenient and accessible elevator access to most areas of the premises. Building owners and managers carry the responsibility to ensure this access is available and even more critically, that it is safe for people to use.

A Duty to Warn

As the customer’s Agent, we have a Duty to Warnbuilding owners of any issues and concerns that might require elevator repair services. At Southern Elevator Co. Inc., this is a responsibility we take extremely seriously, and each of our field technicians knows and understands the importance of this function.

For more information on why you should choose elevator contractors with our impressive safety policies, please contact us at (800) 373-0058.

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