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Tips For Renovating Your Building’s Elevator Cabs

Tips for Renovating Your Building’s Elevator Cabs

Just about everyone has had the experience of walking into an elevator and immediately feeling unsafe simply due to the dark, outdated, or dingy interior of the elevator cab. Even if the elevator runs perfectly, an elevator cab that is in need of modernization brings a sense of unease and can make an entire property less desirable. The following tips for carrying out elevator renovation on your building’s cabs will give your tenants and guests peace of mind.

Consider What the Elevator Says About Your Building

Your elevator cabs can say a lot about your building, so consider this when making renovations. While stone or wood veneers can be timeless, they may not fit in well inside an otherwise modern building. If you or your tenants care about the environment, LEED-compliant materials can bring that commitment to your elevator, as well. Remember that colors, materials, and design choices in an elevator influence riders’ perception of the building overall.

 Align Elevator Cab Updates with Building-Wide Renovations

While it might be tempting to stagger renovations, doing an elevator renovation at the same time as you complete other building renovations is a smart move. Not only will this make it easier to schedule future renovations, but it ensures a cohesive and upgraded look throughout the building. It is important to remember, though, that upgrading elevator cabs does not improve elevator service, so you may want to upgrade elevator controls and other components at the same time for an improved experience.

Hire a Qualified Elevator Contractor

Even if you have an interior designer working on the rest of your building, it is important to hire a qualified elevator contractor who is licensed to supervise and perform renovations on your elevator cabs. Not only do many local authorities require all work on elevators to be performed or supervised by licensed elevator professionals, but using licensed contractors ensures your elevator remains safe and operates without malfunction. Contractors providing elevator cab renovations must have up to date knowledge of code requirements for the following:

  • Fire rating on materials
  • Overall design
  • Weight
  • Installation
  • Fabrication

When you are ready to upgrade your building’s cabs during elevator renovation, please contact Southern Elevator.

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