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Since 1949, Southern Elevator Co. Inc. has delivered quality elevator installations, elevator repair services and maintenance contracts to clients in North and South Carolina and Virginia. As a full-service elevator company dedicated to ensuring the safety of vertical transportation for all passengers, there are several reasons why you should choose us as your provider.

A Focus on Safety

Safety is a priority for each and every building or facility with elevators, not only those that are open to the public. Employees have the right to work in a safe environment, customers and suppliers demand adequate protection from risk, and convenience and accessibility require elevator access to most areas of the premises. It’s the duty and moral responsibility of a building owner or manager to ensure this access is available and even more critically, that it is safe for people to use.

As the customer’s Agent, we have a Duty to Warn the owner of any issues and concerns that might require elevator repair services. At Southern Elevator Co. Inc., we provide thorough technical and safety training for all our workers. We hold weekly safety meetings at which staff is apprised of the latest developments in elevator safety. Combined with top-shelf mechanics and stringent quality standards governing all elevator installations and other services, this enables us to fulfill our responsibility to our clients.

Top Technical Talent

Modern systems are highly computerized, and elevator installations are no exception. Our objective is to remain at the forefront of advances in technology, to ensure we can deliver the most up-to-date, sophisticated vertical transportation systems to our clients.

Our highly qualified technicians maintain and repair all types of elevator equipment. From the assembly of elevator cars to the installation of platforms, walls and doors, we can repair or replace faulty components to restore the elevator to full operational status.

Requirements such as electrical connections, brake and control systems, and the inspection and testing of components to comply with state regulations are all part of the service we provide. Even if you have a service contract with another company, we can provide a competitive quote for the elevator repair services or installations you need.

Protecting Your Investment

With U.S. commercial real estate sales exceeding $435 billion in 2015, according to one of the largest commercial real estate firms, it is an attractive investment during both up and down market cycles. To be profitable, building owners and managers need to reduce any liability by ensuring the premises are well maintained and as safe as possible. Given the number of passengers who use vertical transportation daily, elevators are a critical factor in managing your risk and protecting your investment.

At Southern Elevator Co. Inc. our client list reads like a Who’s Who of business and industry in the region, which supports our position as one of the most prominent leaders in the United States’ elevator service industry.

For more information on why you should choose an elevator company with our credentials, please contact us at 800-373-0058.

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