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Commercial Elevator Repairs

Why Choose Southern Elevator?

  • We are passionate about servicing your elevator maintenance, repair, and modernization needs so your elevators are the least of your concerns.
  • Our technicians are highly trained and certified and able to work on every type of problem and elevator make and model.
  • We treat every job with expertise – and you, our client, with integrity and with an unquestioned dedication to maintaining your elevators at peak performance.
  • We know that consistent, high-quality service extends the life of your elevator investment and saves you money over the life of the equipment.
  • We are consultative in our approach, offering you trusted solutions at a fair price.

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What Is THE Number 1 Frustration With Commercial Elevator Repair Service Today?

One of the most common ways Southern Elevator acquires new customers is through our superior response to client calls (SRCC). Many facility managers express to us their gratitude after having experienced frustration with the response level of other companies.  The reason for this is simple: most of our competitors are not focused on repairs. The large international companies are not focused on repairs. Their primary source of income comes from selling and installing new elevators. We understand that. Southern Elevator, on the other hand, specializes in maintaining, repairing, and modernizing commercial elevators almost exclusively. This is what we do. It’s our entire reason to exist!

To serve you best, we have strategically placed branches throughout our service area, each staffed with a crew of highly trained technicians, ready and willing to help you with your repair trouble calls faster and better! Moreover, we consider timeliness to service and repair calls our greatest call of duty.  For us, timeliness is a quality issue! We provide you complete relief from your operational problems by returning your elevator(s) to normal, trouble-free service as soon as possible.

What if I am not a Southern Elevator client today?

We are happy to resolve you of your trouble call even when you are under a service agreement with someone else. It is our opportunity to show you why you should consider us as your total provider in the future. So we better do a great job for you, Right?

What Kind of Repair Services Do We Provide?

We offer repair and replacement of commercial elevator components. You may have an old commercial elevator that needs a special part, or a new elevator with the latest technology. We are equally trained to resolve problems with vintage commercial elevators or with the latest technology. Our services include — but are not limited to the following:

Trust Southern Elevator for All Your Repair Needs. Your Complete Satisfaction is Our Highest Calling!

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