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Elevator Modernization: Improving Performance and Safety

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Elevator modernization involves upgrading different parts of an elevator system, including the control panels riders use. This process aims to improve performance and safety, making sure elevators meet the needs of modern buildings and offer a safe and efficient ride. It’s important to note that while modernization focuses on how elevators work, it might not require changing how they look unless it’s necessary for the upgrades.

How Often Should Elevators Be Upgraded?

Deciding when to upgrade elevators is really important. In the past, elevators could work for many (30+!) years with just regular maintenance. But now, technology has changed things. It’s suggested that all commercial elevators, no matter how old, should have the newest parts for better safety and performance.

Usually, elevators might not need upgrades for about 10 to 15 years. This matches the speed of technology and the need to follow safety rules and work well. This way, building owners can think about the cost of upgrades compared to the longer life of the elevator, better safety, and improved performance.

Elevator Modernization with Touchless Sensors

One of the most popular and essential elevator modernization devices requested by commercial building owners is the touchless sensor. In this age of COVID and other infectious diseases, people are much more wary of touching things that thousands of other people have touched. They understand how easy it is for microorganisms to spread from their hands to their face and eventually, into their bodies. That’s why your next elevator modernization should include having a touchless sensor replace pushbutton controls.

Instead of pushing a button, elevator users simply hold a finger near a touchless sensor button to initiate a call. When tiny sensors inside the device detect an object that is shaped like the end of a finger, the touchless sensor is immediately activated. Objects that are too large or too small to be a finger are rejected by the sensors to prevent unnecessary activation. 

Benefits of incorporating a touchless sensor in an elevator modernization include: 

  • Germ Prevention: By eliminating the need to touch buttons, touchless sensors significantly reduce the potential for germs to transfer from surfaces to elevator users, contributing to a healthier environment.
  • Dual Technology: Touchless sensors offer the convenience of both push-activated and sensor-activated functionalities, catering to user preferences and comfort.
  • Seamless Integration: The availability of touchless sensors in brass or stainless steel finishes ensures that they seamlessly blend with the existing aesthetics of the elevator.
  • Illuminated Design: LED illumination enhances visibility, making it easier for users to interact with the touchless sensor interface, especially in low-light conditions.
  • Heightened Safety Perception: Elevator users experience an elevated sense of safety, knowing that their interaction with the elevator is contactless and hygienic.

Other Key Advantages to Commercial Elevator Modernization by Southern Elevator

  • Reliability and Operational Integrity: Upgrading older mechanical systems to cutting-edge technologies brings more than just improvements – it boosts reliability and smooth operation. By using advanced components, downtime is reduced, and the overall dependability of the building increases. This means fewer unexpected breakdowns, allowing businesses to keep running smoothly and giving occupants a better experience.
  • Enhanced Performance: Modernizing mechanical systems doesn’t just make elevators more efficient, it makes them work more effectively for passengers. With newer technologies, elevator rides become smoother, reducing jerky movements that can be uncomfortable. This means fewer disruptions and a happier experience for people using the elevators. This upgrade helps building owners create a more positive reputation as a reliable and modern place.
  • Code Compliance: Modernized elevators often go beyond the minimum standards, ensuring the safety and security of everyone. This commitment to safety helps the building gain trust as a responsible place that follows the rules, making occupants feel more secure.
  • Energy Efficiency: Changing from old elevators to newer, more efficient models is good for the environment and saves money. New components use less energy than older ones, helping to reduce the building’s energy consumption. This aligns with the push for environmental responsibility and also lowers long-term costs for building owners, making the upgrade a smart financial and eco-friendly choice.
  • Security Strengthening: Elevator modernization isn’t just about technology; it’s about safety too. Upgrades can include better ways to control who uses the elevators, like using fingerprints or cards. This makes sure only authorized people can use them, adding to the overall security of the building. This shows that the building’s owners are serious about safety and protection.
  • Accessibility and Functionality: Upgrading elevators isn’t just about mechanics – it’s about making the building more welcoming for everyone. Modern elevators come with features that help people with disabilities, making it easier for them to move around. This inclusivity can even lead to tax incentives for building owners under the Americans with Disabilities Act. So, elevator modernization isn’t just practical; it’s about creating a space that works well for everyone.

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