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Elevator Maintenance

Since the founding of Southern Elevator in 1949, our name has been synonymous with quality, full-service elevator preventative maintenance. As the best elevator renovation company in the Southeast, we aim to deliver safe and reliable services every day. Our technicians have received thorough technical and safety training that enables them to respond to your needs without compromise, and we strive to remain at the forefront of industry technology to serve you better.

The maintenance cost of your elevator equipment is a small fraction of typical overall building operation costs. However, the quality of the performance of your elevators is perhaps the most visible and essential component of how your building is judged. At Southern Elevator, we believe the proper maintenance of elevators is not the place to count pennies considering the long-term consequences of inconsistent or poorly performed preventative maintenance can result in a poor impression of your entire building’s operation.

Inadequate preventative maintenance can result in a downgrade in the impression your building gives. Moreover, the neglect of your elevator equipment due to lack of proper inspection and adherence to the manufacturers recommended maintenance program may result in many thousands of dollars in repairs and the premature need to modernize your elevators. Southern Elevator proactively addresses these items to provide long-term value through expert service.

Benefits of Routine Elevator Maintenance

“Your technicians have impressed us with their knowledge and their friendly and considerate demeanor — and going the extra mile! We appreciate this and value our continuing relationship.”

Our Maintenance Program

We offer customized preventative maintenance programs ranging from the budget based “Exam and Lubrication” (E&L) program to a more comprehensive “Full Maintenance” (FM) program.

Which maintenance program is right for your property? The service experts at Southern Elevator Company will perform a *free survey of your existing elevator equipment to provide you with a consultative recommendation on the specific needs of your equipment. We believe in transparently informing you on this vital piece of your building’s infrastructure so that YOU can make the best decision.

Typical factors used in determining what type of preventative maintenance plan is best for your elevator:
  • 1 Frequency of use of elevator
  • 2 The environment in which the elevator operates
  • 3 The age of the elevator
  • 4 The condition of the elevator
  • 5 The amount of equipment coverage or frequency of service that you prefer

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