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104 Corporate Boulevard
West Columbia, SC 29169


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Our Columbia Office serves Central SC and surrounding communities. Since 1949 – Southern Elevator has been the premier Elevator Service Company in the area.

Elevator interiors are one of the first things visitors and potential customers notice. Drawing their attention to timeworn and grubby cabs, doors and fixtures can raise the question in their minds of whether the controls are in the same condition. Regardless of how well you’ve maintained your elevators, a shabby appearance can result in dissatisfaction on the part of your visitors. Elevator modernization is the ideal solution to these concerns.

Revitalization in Columbia

Columbia is the state capital of South Carolina. It’s located in the growing Columbia Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), which had over 800,000 residents as of the 2016 census. The downtown area is currently undergoing a revitalization, with several urban redevelopments such as the historic Congaree Vista taking place alongside the construction of new, high-end condos, townhouses, hotels and mixed-use structures. This wave of development has resulted in an active market for new elevator installations in Columbia, while the renovation and refurbishments have increased demand for elevator modernization.

A Growing Concern

Since the early 1990s, Southern Elevator Co. Inc. has expanded throughout North Carolina and into South Carolina and Virginia with the acquisition of several local elevator service companies. This has enabled the company to grow from two branches to six, creating a strong client base of more than 1,200 companies and maintenance of more than 4,000 elevators.

Our trained technicians perform a wide range of services ranging from new elevator installations in Columbia, to complete refurbishment and elevator modernization. The customer base incorporates commercial office buildings, medical facilities, nuclear and coal-fired power plants, sports and entertainment centers, retail outlets, government offices and military bases, airports, manufacturing plants and universities.

New Elevator Installations

The installation of new elevators is a challenging aspect of construction in most instances. Whether this occurs during a new construction project or as part of a retrofit and renovation, Southern Elevator can handle all aspects of your new installation. Our expert teams are equipped with the most modern equipment, and all work is done in compliance with safety, efficiency and modernization regulations.

Our teams work around other construction contractors, without disturbing or delaying other aspects of your new development. With 65 years of experience in our industry, we will ensure your new elevator installations in Columbia are safe, reliable, and completed on time and within budget.

Elevator Modernization

Modern, up-to-date buildings and facilities appear more professional and command higher rentals than older premises do. Renovation of a high-rise residential or commercial building is only complete when it’s accompanied by an elevator modernization project, which ensures the safety and comfort of passengers during vertical transportation.

The SnapCab Connection

We specialize in cab interior redesign using a computer simulation program that enables you to view and contemplate multiple different options for your elevator modernization project. You’ll be able to see and experience how the new elevator cabs will look before we begin the installation.

The SnapCab concept enables instant installation of new wall panels, which are all elevator code and LEED compliant, and are fire-tested for use. As a certified SnapCab installer approved to deploy a revolutionary, simplified paneling system throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, we can install a new elevator interior in as little as one day.

For more information about elevator installations in Columbia SC and the surrounding areas, please contact:

Columbia, 104 Corporate Boulevard, West Columbia, SC

(803) 939-7030

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