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How Does Southern Work with
Corporate Buildings?

At Southern Elevator, we are not just an elevator service company. We are your reliable partner in making sure people and assets move safely and smoothly in your office buildings.

We understand how important elevators are for your business and offer top-notch commercial elevator solutions. With our commitment and expert knowledge of the industry, we stand as the foundation for your elevator needs.

We pride ourselves not only on our technical expertise, but also on our unwavering dedication to safety. Our maintenance schedules, thorough inspections, and compliance with industry standards are all meant to provide an environment where employees and visitors can travel with ease.

Services We Provide for Corporate Buildings

With our extensive experience, Southern Elevator is a leading elevator service provider for corporate buildings. Discover how we collaborate with corporate facilities to deliver premier results:

Elevator Maintenance

With our scheduled maintenance programs, you can rest assured that your elevators are in good hands. We carry out regular inspections, lubrication and minor repairs to detect and fix problems before they develop into major issues. This helps to extend the life of your elevator systems. 

Elevator Repairs

When elevator issues arise, our experienced technicians are available 24/7 to provide prompt and efficient repairs. We pride ourselves on our fast response times to repair calls. 

Elevator Modernization

We offer modernization services to upgrade your elevators and make them more efficient. We bring your elevators up to the latest standards, improving performance, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. 

Elevator Cab Interiors

We partner with SnapCab to offer a wide variety of visual options for the interior of your elevator. No matter the look you’re in search of, we’re able to deliver. 

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Why Corporate Buildings Choose Southern Elevator

With Southern Elevator, you’re not just getting an elevator service provider; you’re gaining a partner committed to the success and well-being of your corporate space. Here’s why you should choose us:

With seven decades in the elevator industry, Southern Elevator has earned it expertise. We specialize in elevator upkeep, upgrades, and cab redesigns. Our devoted team of technicians and engineers deliver customized, top-quality solutions for your corporate building.  

We understand that every corporate building is unique, with distinct needs. Our experienced professionals work closely with you to create solutions that cater to the specific demands of your facility. Our services are personalized to enhance elevator performance, modernize outdated systems, and maintain complaints with safety regulations.

Our top priority is complying with elevator regulations and placing occupant safety first. We make sure to adhere to safety standards, conducting routine inspections, maintenance, and enhancements to guarantee the elevators’ best performance and safety.

We understand how frustrating a out-of-service elevator is, especially during essential business hours. Our team strives to provide prompt repairs and upkeep, guaranteeing your elevators are working to their best ability.

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Client Testimonials

“Southern Elevator has been very responsive to my Elevator Service needs since Day 1. The elevators work better than they have worked in years, and when they do have an issue, a quick email or call is all it takes to have your technicians respond with a repair.”


“Southern Elevator has always been ready to meet our needs, even on short notice. Repairs have been quick and if otherwise, we have been fully informed.”


“It takes much effort to keep our customers satisfied. You have done that consistently over the years and I wanted you to know that we are very appreciative of your organization’s efforts in maintaining safe and reliable VTE’s for our installation.”


“Y’all are wonderful!!! He’s already here and it’s fixed! We are so glad we switched. Thanks so much.”


“Just want you to know how sad we will be when Ross and Robert are finished at Massanutten Regional Library . . . of course, we’ll love having access to the elevators again, but we will greatly miss them! I have to toss in that we love Brad too, but he hasn’t been here for the big project! Thanks for helping us get this project done with such great guys!”


Corporate Clients at Southern Elevator

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