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​Our Richmond Office serves Central Virginia and surrounding communities. Since 1949 – Southern Elevator has been the premier Elevator Service Company in the area.

Incorporated in 1742 and an independent city since 1871, Richmond VA’s metropolitan area is home to 1,2 million people. The city was named third best for business by MarketWatch in 2007 and is home to eight Fortune 500 companies, among many other business operations. This creates a substantial need for reliable elevator contractors in Richmond, to ensure the city’s vibrant economy functions effectively.

A different approach

Southern Elevator focuses on providing excellent services to our customers by educating, empowering and choosing talented and trustworthy elevator repair technicians to represent the company. We are able to support a large selection of elevator brands and models. This allows us to differentiate ourselves from the large, multinational elevator corporations while servicing major clients such as universities, hospitals, federal, state and municipal buildings, as well as small commercial enterprises.

Our elevator contractors in Richmond serve Central Virginia and surrounding communities, including Williamsburg, VA; Tappahannock, VA; Burkeville, Stony Creek, VA; Ruther Glen, VA; Doswell, VA; Prince George, VA; Petersburg, VA; Hopewell, VA; Mechanicsville, VA; Hester, VA; Glen Allen, VA; and Midlothian, VA.

Elevator Repair

Keeping your vertical passenger transportation in peak condition is an important part of building maintenance and the safety and comfort of your employees and customers. Our elevator repair technicians are highly trained and NEEIP certified to ensure technical excellence and the highest safety standards.

Our repair services include:

  • Connecting electrical wiring to control panels and electrical motors
  • Troubleshooting brake and control systems to repair malfunctions
  • Dismantling elevators to gain access for the removal and replacement of defective components
  • Logging of service records for all repairs and other maintenance tasks.

Whether you need residential or commercial elevator contractors in Richmond, our teams are qualified to read and interpret the blueprints for your system and perform repairs in compliance with safety regulations and building codes.

Replacement Services

Companies requiring assembly of elevator cars, or the installation of platforms, walls and doors, turn to Southern Elevator Co. Inc. to replace faulty components to restore the elevator to full operational status. Our elevator repair technicians are qualified to thoroughly test all newly-installed components to ensure they comply fully with regulations. Modern elevators also have sophisticated computerized systems, which requires the technicians to be knowledgeable about technology.

Your one-stop shop for elevator contractors in Richmond

At Southern Elevator, we are your one-stop-shop for elevator repairs in Richmond city center and the surrounding areas. Our elevator repair technicians have the technology and experience to provide all the services your company needs and are trained to recommend solutions that fit within your budget.  In addition to repairs, we offer ongoing elevator installation, testing and maintenance contracts, free inspections, refurbishment and modernization of elevator cabs. Through a partnership with SnapCab, we can deliver a brand-new elevator interior in less than a day.

Protecting your investment

Having six branches located across North and South Carolina and Virginia enables us to protect your investments throughout the southeastern U.S. The primary objective of our elevator contractors in Richmond is to ensure your elevators are fully functional, reducing your liability and enabling your company to operate efficiently, today and for decades to come.

Don’t settle for second best. Make your elevator repair request today and discover the benefits of working with a company dedicated to your success.

5108 Glen Alden Road – Henrico, VA 23231


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