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Our Roanoke Office serves the Roanoke, VA and surrounding communities. Since 1949 – Southern Elevator has been the premier Elevator Service Company in the area.

As a regional company providing elevator services in Roanoke VA, Southern Elevator’s goal is to partner with our customers through education, empowerment and the selection of talented and reliable technicians to represent our company. Our capabilities include servicing a large variety of elevator brands and models for major clients across the economic spectrum. Customers include universities, hospitals, federal, state and municipal buildings, as well as small commercial enterprises.

An Economic Hub

Established in 1852, the town of Roanoke got its name 30 years later from an Algonquian word for “money.” Located in the Blue Ridge mountains between Maryland and Tennessee, it is now a city populated by around 100,000 people. Having grown up around the transportation industry, economic activities now include healthcare, retail and auto parts manufacturing, all of whom are primary customers for elevator maintenance and other services.

Service Maintenance Contracts

Maintaining vertical transportation is a vital aspect of building and facilities management. With the complex engineering that goes into elevator systems, it’s important that your elevators comply with all legal requirements. Our elevator services in Roanoke VA offer a range of options to choose from, which are all certain to give you peace of mind that your elevators are running optimally.

Full Elevator Maintenance Contracts

A full maintenance contract based on a monthly or quarterly fee covers all items resulting from normal wear and tear, as well as regular servicing, elevator repairs or replacement of items incorporated into the contract. Implementing this type of contract enables your premises to pass mandatory state inspections and to operate according to the required building codes for your region.

Exam and Lubrication Contracts

For customers whose usage doesn’t warrant a full maintenance contract, our elevator services in Roanoke VA also include specific service contracts focused on inspection and general lubrication. These incur a monthly or quarterly fee that covers regular oiling and regreasing of equipment, minor adjustments, and reports of any potential problems discovered during our examination. We also provide estimates for any repair work required, based on the inspection.

Keep your elevators operating faultlessly, avoid expensive repair projects, and ensure the safety of your passengers with one of the various elevator maintenance contract options available.

A Lasting Service Orientation

At Southern Elevators Co. Inc. our service orientation began at acquisition in 1991, when buyer Rodney Pitts promoted Bryant Aydelette, the founder’s grandson, to the position of executive vice president, and later to the president of the company. The duo implemented a personal, service-focused strategy to differentiate the company from large, multinational elevator corporations in the region. Since then, we have provided a wide variety of clients with elevator services in Roanoke VA, and we intend to do so for decades to come.

For more information about elevator maintenance contracts or to obtain an estimate for elevator repair services, please contact us at:

1721 Peters Creek Road NW, Roanoke, Virginia 24017

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