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Some commercial building owners decide to keep elevators as they are. Well-maintained elevators can last for decades, but this doesn’t mean that you should keep them as they are. In fact, there are three key benefits to modernizing your elevator.

More Efficient

Elevators can last for decades. This means that older elevators, for instance, may have out of date technology. A modern elevator has destination dispatch technology to help passengers move in the necessary direction, without any unnecessary trips. These elevators learn traffic patterns and improve acceleration and deceleration rates.


Older equipment tends to cost more to run. This is true of most equipment, including elevators. An older elevator may require more energy, and over time, the amount of energy required may grow. A newer model uses less energy. Not to mention, most modern elevators are able to convert friction into energy to use later on. One more cost cutting benefit is that modern elevators do not require a machine room. You do not have to worry about ventilation or cooling costs. All your cut costs depend on the types of modernizations that you have. You can even modernize an existing elevator to have energy benefits.

New Design

Appearances matter. If your business has an old, out-of-date elevator, clients and employees may not feel safe using it. Even if your elevator is safe, you do have to keep in mind that appearances can make a passenger feel more secure. In addition, older elevators do not always mesh into the new, modern décor. It’s better to have a building with equipment that matches.

Modernizing an elevator can completely change the function and feel of your elevator. As technology advances, it’s important that you update your elevator to take advantage of the benefits. To modernize your elevator and reap the benefits, contact Southern Elevator by calling 336-436-9174 today.

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