The global elevator market grew beyond $99.3 billion in 2021.

Commercial buildings all over the world use elevators, and you may want to give yours an upgrade. While mechanical components can last for decades, interior elevator parts can get much more use, so you might need to update these sooner.

Keep reading for five key benefits of investing in elevator cab interior upgrades.

1. Improved Hygiene

Hygiene has always been important, but the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted just how crucial it is. Germs and bacteria can rest on surfaces for hours, and with elevator buttons, a lot of people can make contact in a short time.

Self-cleaning elevator pushbuttons are a more sanitary solution. The untreated copper surface is naturally self-cleaning, reducing the risk of bacteria transfer. They can also be more thoroughly cleaned with just water and vinegar – no harsh chemicals are needed.

2. Touchless Capabilities

Another modern elevator interior upgrade involves touchless controls. There are multiple solutions that can achieve this.

Touchless buttons can detect a finger around 0.5″ from the button, so users don’t need to touch them, avoiding bacterial transfer. Smartphone integration is also possible, so people can connect via Bluetooth and control elevators without the need to use buttons at all.

3. Improved Safety

There’s a range of ways to implement elevator cab updates that can make things safer for users. Fire resistance is an important factor, and you can use certain materials that offer better fire protection. Things like electric shock safety and structural integrity are also important.

There are standards and regulations in place, and you need to ensure any commercial elevators meet these. ASME A17.1 dictates the regulations for the US, so you are legally required to adhere to the regulations it lays out.

4. User Peace of Mind

When people step into an elevator, the elevator cab interior design will be immediately noticeable. If it looks dated and worn down, people might feel a bit uncomfortable using it. When people see an elevator that looks like it’s had a lot of use, they could be concerned that it has issues and might not be completely safe.

A modern elevator interior will make people far more confident. Recent updates indicate an elevator is safer and has been looked after properly. They will be happier using it without having to worry about any potential dangers.

5. Aesthetics

An elevator cab renovation is often done to improve functionality or safety, but there is also the added benefit of aesthetics. The state of your entire building will reflect in people’s opinion of your business. A more modern feel will show people that you are running a modern business.

This goes for elevator interiors as much as it does for the rest of your building. Updating your elevator shows people your business is staying with the times.

Finding the Best Elevator Cab Interior Upgrades

There are various types of elevator cab interior upgrades available. Some of these are good for hygiene, some improve safety, and some simply improve aesthetics.

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