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What To Do if Your Elevator Keeps You Waiting

No one takes the stairs when they are in a hurry. Naturally, they choose the elevator, so if your guests are checking their watches while waiting for the elevator, there may be an underlying problem. At Southern Elevator, we won’t keep you waiting for a resolution.

Servicing a Real Problem

You should keep track of your system’s wait times. Monitoring allows you to see any change in your elevator’s behavior. Changes indicate that there may be a problem. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as upgrading your system, the algorithm that runs the lift, or installing a stronger motor.

Elevators will sometimes slow if your motor drive is misaligned. To leave it in this state can lead to an eventual breakdown. Most equipment issues can be prevented through regular inspections and maintenance.

Addressing the Psychology

If your company is receiving complaints about your elevator’s wait times and you’ve invested in regular maintenance and upgrades, you may not have a problem with the mechanics of the lift. When you are unoccupied, time drags slowly. This is especially true if you’re experiencing any anxiety during the elevator wait. If you don’t know how long you’ll have to wait, it will feel even slower.

Other companies have struggled with these issues, and the solutions may surprise you. To help distract passengers, businesses install mirrors on the outside of the elevator to alleviate negative feelings. Most will also have the numbers displayed at the top of the elevator so that people know what floor the elevator is on and how much longer they may have to wait. Music piped into the corridors and elevators also serves to relax guests. 

When your elevator needs work, Southern Elevator will be there to help. Larger companies may keep you waiting even longer. To service your commercial elevator, contact us today!

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