Create a Proper Elevator Budget

Elevators are a blessing that can also be a curse. If you have a multi-story commercial building of any kind, chances are you have one or more elevators. When people enter your building headed to a location up or down, they look for the elevator. The appearance and ride they experience in the car will give them an impression of your property—one that repeats itself because riding up in an elevator almost always means riding back down in an elevator.

Though an elevator is an essential part of every business property, many owners cringe when it is mentioned because they have not factored in the various costs associated with maintaining and upgrading this essential machine. Proper budgeting can allow your elevator to be the blessing it was intended to be.

Love Your Elevator When You Budget for Its Costs

Bearing in mind that there are many moving parts as well as aesthetic qualities that must be cared for in an elevator, consider that the mechanical life expectancy of an elevator can range up to 25 years. Along the way, the interior amenities will need to be maintained as well. When budgeting for elevator costs, bear these factors in mind:

  • Cost of operating
  • Utilities
  • Service calls
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Regular repairs
  • Regular inspections

At some point, you will want to budget for upgrades as elevator technology continues to advance.

Stay Local for Prompt Professional Service

Your goal should be to reduce your elevator to a dependable commodity that you never have to think about. One way to achieve this is to contract with an experienced professional elevator maintenance company. Contact Southern Elevator to discuss your current situation, your maintenance needs, and your future projections.

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