retrofitting elevators

Elevators are essential parts of commercial building design for medium and high-rise buildings. When it ages, an elevator needs to be examined for structural integrity, and things may need to be replaced to ensure safety and reliability. At this point, the smart play is to consider retrofitting that elevator with energy-efficient parts. At Southern Elevator, we understand the value of maintaining an elevator’s integrity while installing it with 21st-century modernization.

New Technology Equals Efficiency

Computer power has become the driving force of elevators instead of electromechanical operations. Microprocessors and software are much faster at sending and carrying out the message coming from the cab. The system is flexible and has some elegant options.

  • A passenger can place a call for an elevator that has been pre-programmed to take them to the appropriate floor.
  • Computer-controlled sensors can effectively turn the elevator to quiet mode when not in use. This could include dimming screens and lights, shutting off music, and turning the air off. 

Two Cabs Is Better Than One

Another new design feature is much more structural. Instead of one deck, the elevator will have two decks, separated by the floor/ceiling. The top would only stop on even-numbered floors, while the bottom would only stop on odd-numbered floors. These elevators need less space to move the same amount of traffic.

They Make Their Own Energy

Elevators produce a lot of heat. Elevator hardware now includes regenerative electric drives that transform that heat into reusable energy, which the building can use. This exists because current technology can create networks in which different systems in the building can communicate. Further, regenerative drives are energy efficient because they affect energy consumption and peak power demand.

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