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Elevator Security

Every aspect of your property should have the best security practices in place for their commercial elevator systems. This involves both physical and digital interfaces. Elevator access control systems rely on embedded electronics controlled by smart chips, making them vulnerable to onsite and remote hacking attacks. The safety and security of elevator access controls systems are essential to ensuring the worth and value of properties and personnel on differing floors in your building.

Nowadays, most elevators are intelligent. They have interfaces that connect to your communication lines and wireless internet access points within a commercial property, as well as fiber optical nodes joining the facility to the internet. However, there are trusted zones within the elevator control design whose physical security relies on building safety. These include control units within the elevator cab and remote control systems in the machine room, motion control systems, drive or motor control systems, and braking and safety systems. It’s crucial to have a plan to avoid any outside hack into the elevator control systems.

Authentication Procedures

Facility and property managers are responsible for ensuring the safety of both offices and personnel. There may be parts of your property that are off-limits to certain guests or staff.  Implementing an authentication procedure will allow selective access to different areas of the property depending on the level of security clearance. Before installing this system, check if such authentication has passwords and logins, if the logins require multiple password combinations before allowing access, if other vendors who have access are suitable, and if there is a quick response strategy in place to respond to compromised system controls.

System Attack Responses

Next, make sure you have a system attack response plan in place. Over time, you should have documentation of threats or field issues that show you where the vulnerabilities lie. This will allow you to assess the weak spots and plan to decommission an elevator when the control becomes impossible to take back over.

Ask your elevator vendor about any vulnerabilities related to the software in your elevator system. Most vendors should have penetration testing to discover any problems.

Cyber Security Practices

Cyber security is vital at all levels of your business, including your elevator. Elevators should have firewalls and secure architecture to protect against cyber attacks. An elevator system designer should have the tools and resources at their disposal to prepare for cyber attacks.

The smart chips in an elevator can be vulnerable to remote hacking attacks. Not understanding the importance of cyber security within your property will open up your elevator and your business to a wide array of cyberattacks. It would help to be prepared for anything to protect the safety of your elevator and its riders.

When it comes to your elevator, you need to consider its connectivity to your internet network and how vulnerable it could be to outside threats. At Southern Elevator, we can service your elevator to ensure security. Contact us today for your commercial maintenance and servicing by calling 336-436-9174 or emailing us.

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