The ever-increasing concern of people regarding hygiene and safety requires buildings to now implement new methods that prevent the spread of germs and infections. Since viruses and bacteria can thrive on surfaces for several days, they can easily transmit through regularly touched surfaces like elevator buttons. To avoid this risk, touchless elevator buttons are the perfect hands-free solution.

How Can Touchless Elevator Buttons Improve Safety for Your Riders?

Elevator buttons are frequently touched and often have 40 times more germs and bacteria than a toilet seat. It’s essential to limit the physical contact of people with such surfaces to avoid spreading viruses and bacteria. This can be done through touchless elevator buttons that can give riders a safer experience with better hygiene. Here’s how the introduction of touchless elevator buttons in your commercial building can improve safety for people:

  • Reduced Exposure: If you want to step up the safety and hygiene game of your office, hospital, mall, or any other commercial establishment, touchless elevator buttons can be the solution as they limit the exposure of riders to potentially infected surfaces.
  • Easy to Use: Most touchless elevators are easy to operate and require no special knowledge. Whether you’re installing touchless sensors, toe buttons, or touchless pushbuttons, your riders can easily get accustomed to the new changes.
  • Higher Value: Although many property managers may view this as a costly change, the value of safety that touchless elevator buttons bring for their riders is much higher than the actual cost of deploying this system.
  • Retrofit Installation: Most touchless elevator buttons can be retrofitted to your current elevator system, so you don’t need to change the entire system. The new system will also help modernize the existing elevator system.

Types of Touchless Elevator Buttons

Elevator manufacturers regularly introduce newer ideas to give riders a seamless and safer elevator experience. Some types of touchless elevator solutions include:


To help people avoid touching elevator buttons, offices and other buildings can install a foot-activated call button that provides a hands-free activation system.

Touchless Push Button

Installing a touchless push button is the perfect solution to eliminate the transfer of germs and viruses through repeatedly touched surfaces. The proximity sensor activates the elevator call button, so people don’t have to touch the button physically.

Touchless Sensors

Using touchless sensors, we can help make your elevators touch-free. The sensor detects a 0.5” area above the button and identifies finger-like objects to activate the button without any physical touch.

Depending on the type of elevator installed on your property, we can help you select a suitable touchless elevator solution to provide better safety for your riders.

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