stalled elevator

Stalled Elevator Lift

Being stuck in a stalled elevator is no picnic. Although malfunctioning elevators are infrequent, they happen.  It’s essential to properly maintain your elevator lift to avoid these situations. If you find yourself stuck in a stalled elevator, here are a few tips on what to do.

Attempt the ‘Door Open” Button 

If the elevator is stalled immediately after the doors close, you may be able to hit the ‘open door’ button with success. If the problem is a simple cable error, the door may open, and you can, very carefully and quickly, exit onto the same floor and call for help. 

Remain Calm and Signal for Help 

If the ‘open door’ button approach is unsuccessful, remain calm. The next course of action is to signal for help. The first signal for help is to hit the emergency help button in the elevator. This button alerts the building control room and often emergency responders.


In some elevators, the alarm is a separate button. While the alarm is undoubtedly annoying, it is much preferred to straining your voice and elevating your blood pressure by physically calling for help. Elevator doors are thick, and no matter the volume and length of your calls, they will be muffled.


If you have your phone with you and have reception in the elevator, take this time to call or text for help. Now is an appropriate time to call 911 if you have not heard from a responder. Let friends or family know your location.

Take a Seat and Wait for Responders 

While waiting, try not to pace back and forth. While being stuck in an elevator is a serious inconvenience, it is doubtful it will be harmful. Thanks to modern technology, all of those unpleasant movie scenes with elevators are simply that, just movies. Also, keep in mind that most elevators are monitored by surveillance. If someone is watching the surveillance, they can call for help or come to your assistance.

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