elevator monitoring

Elevator Monitoring

Your customers use your elevator daily, yet this part of your building could receive the least attention. You likely schedule a yearly inspection to ensure that the elevator works properly. However, many problems can arise in a year. At Southern Elevator, we know that continuous monitoring can help you identify issues before they become hazards.

Data Tracking

One of the benefits of a continuous monitoring system is that it collects information about the elevator daily. You may not understand exactly what happens in the mechanical components of the elevator each time a rider sets foot inside. However, the system keeps track of all the parts and analyzes each aspect of the elevator trip. The compilation of data allows the program to identify when components may break down so that you can bring in a technician as soon as you need one.

Alert System

You might not realize there is a problem with the elevator until it breaks down. This means that you may not be able to plan for the time and expense of maintenance. You may also have to pay the extra cost of bringing a technician out for emergency repairs. In some situations, riders could become trapped in the elevator if it suddenly stops working.

A continuous monitoring system can help you prevent these situations. You can receive text or email alerts notifying you about potential problems so that you can schedule the necessary maintenance.

Modernization Without Replacement

At Southern Elevator, we know that many companies may be reluctant to use a continuous monitoring system if their elevator is an older model. Another benefit of a monitoring system is that it does not require installing a new elevator. The system can work with any model. Knowing what kind of service the elevator needs ahead of time can help you increase its lifespan. It can also help you create a plan of action if you need to replace your elevator system.

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