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As a property owner or manager, it’s important you know all the proper steps for elevator maintenance. Whether you take certain steps on your own, or contact the professionals for regular repairs, the following are some common questions asked in the process.

1. How Often Should I Pay for an Inspection?

Elevator maintenance is a big part in keeping your passengers safe. You should contact the professionals to conduct an inspection at least once per year. If there is a time between your yearly inspections that you feel there could be something wrong with the unit, you should include an additional inspection just for that issue. When you keep up on inspections, you’ll receive a certificate to show the elevator is up to date. This will show the passengers that you care about their safety.

2. What Should I Look For?

If you are performing an inspection on your own, there are a few things you should look for, such as:

  • Broken lights
  • Water or debris in the elevator pit
  • Malfunctioning buttons, particularly the emergency call button
  • Worn cables

3. How Much Does Maintenance Cost?

The good news is when you conduct an annual inspection, your maintenance costs are often lower than they would be without regular inspections. This is because issues can get caught before they become more serious. If there are problems that get left for too long, they could become more costly repairs. Speak with your elevator maintenance company about regularly scheduled maintenance so you can know the cost beforehand.

4. Other Than the Elevator Itself, What Should I Inspect?

If you haven’t been in the machine room for a while, you should probably take some time to inspect it as well. There’s more to maintenance than just ensuring the elevator is in good shape. Your machine room should be locked up tight, with access to only the individuals who would ever need to inspect or repair something.

Contact the Professionals

Keeping your elevator in the best condition is essential to it working properly. To learn more about regular elevator maintenance and repair, contact Southern Elevator by calling 336-436-9174 or emailing us today!

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