elevator control room maintenance

Preventative maintenance is crucial all-year-round for commercial elevators. However, as the temperatures drop and the winter weather settles in, it is especially important to make sure your elevator is prepared.  

Have the Machine Room’s Temperature Regulated

To keep the hydraulic oil at the correct temperature, you need to ensure that the machine room has a consistent temperature. If this is not possible for your machine room, you could also install a tank heater into the oil reservoir. The point of both methods is to keep the hydraulic oil from dropping below 85 degrees.  Fluctuations in the hydraulic oil temperature can cause erratic leveling.

Have the Backup System Inspected

The winter months are more renowned for power outages than any other season. Every elevator should have a backup system. Have the battery checked before the temperatures fall to ensure that it won’t die when you need it the most.

Have the Lift Parked Only on Climate Controlled Floors

If your elevator does not have temperature controls, you can control the temperature by ensuring that it parks only on heated floors. You can have a homing feature installed in your elevator to ensure that it returns to the same floor every time.

Have the Rails Lubricated

One telltale sign of dry rails is an unusual noise coming from the elevator shaft. Cold weather dries the lubricant, which causes friction between the lift and the rails. At Southern Elevator, we understand the safety features and operational mechanisms to safely lubricate your elevator’s rails.

Have the Pit Sump Tested

Snow and ice buildup cause the trolleys to freeze and consequently, damages the traveling cable. To avoid a snow or ice buildup, have the pit sump tested. If it is in working order, then snow should not be able to build up within the pit.

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