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Elevator Modernization

With proper maintenance, your elevator can last for decades. While mere functionality may seem like a good reason to keep your elevator as is, there are actually a lot of good reasons to modernize it. Modernization can offer several benefits that an older elevator cannot, regardless of upkeep.

Cost of Energy

As an elevator ages, it may require more energy than newer models. Many newer, updated models can convert friction into energy for later use. This allows you to cut down on energy use, helping both the environment, and your wallet. Some modernizations eliminate the need for a machine room, allowing you to cut back on cooling and other ventilation costs.


Due to the long lifespan of elevators, it isn’t uncommon for some commercial elevators to lack the technology seen in many modern elevators. There are a lot of different technological advances that increase efficiency, such as dispatch technologies that prevent wasted trips in the wrong direction. Modern elevators can also learn traffic patterns in a building to improve deceleration and acceleration.

Elevator Appearance

In commercial buildings, it is important to have your design elements match. Older elevators may provide a classic or nostalgic look but if they do not match your décor, they could make passengers uncomfortable. It may give the illusion that the elevator is less safe. While older elevators are not necessarily less safe, it’s important that your guests feel secure. Your décor is also an important part of your brand. If your elevator doesn’t mesh, it can throw off your brand’s impression.

The decision to modernize is not an easy one, requiring thoughtful cost-benefit analysis. We are happy to help you figure it out – it’s what we do. Contact Southern Elevator by calling 336-436-9174 or sending us an email to get your modernization project started!

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