ada accessible elevator

If you have a publicly accessible elevator in your building, it has to comply with the Americans with Disability Act or ADA. The point of the ADA is to create an accessible environment for people with disabilities. For elevators, it ensures that a person can safely and easily access them.

ADA Requirements for Elevator Buttons

Passengers who use a wheelchair must be able to reach your elevator’s buttons. Also, the two-way communication system cannot be any higher than 48 inches. All buttons should have braille beneath them, so those who are sight-impaired can access the controls. Once pressed, all buttons should also have an indicator that they have been pressed.

When it comes to numerical buttons, they should be in ascending order so that there isn’t any confusion. Emergency buttons and door open and close buttons should be easy to identify.

ADA Requirements for Elevator Doors

Your door delay must be a minimum of three seconds to ensure that all passengers can enter and exit the elevator safely. If a person does get caught between the door there should be a reopening detection point that will automatically open the elevator. As the elevator ascends or descends, there must be visible and auditory signals as the elevator reaches particular floors.

ADA Requirements for Dimensions and Placement

One of the first rules for elevator placement is that the elevator has to be in an accessible part of the building. Most buildings are required to have an elevator if they have three or more floors, but there can be exceptions.

The inside of your elevator has to be large enough that a wheelchair user can comfortably turn around inside the cart.

When businesses do not follow the ADA requirements, they can be subject to fines up to $75,000. Individuals could also file legal action against the business. At Southern Elevator we’re dedicated to maintaining, repairing, and modernizing your commercial elevator. Ensure your elevator is safe and ADA compliant with our help by calling 336-436-9174 or emailing us today!

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