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While an elevator offers invaluable convenience to your building, it also comes with a cost. Some elevators are costly when it comes to the electric bill and other bills associated with it. With technology constantly advancing, there are always ways to improve your elevator and save money. 

The Motor Drive

When you replace the motor drive, you may not have to worry about wasting electricity if your elevator is not in motion. The less energy that you waste, the more money you will save. In some situations, you can even utilize an elevator’s excess energy. Regenerative drives contribute power to the building. You can recycle energy and reuse it, and you don’t have to use extra electricity to power or cool the elevator at all times.

The DC Motor

If you currently have a DC motor, you might want to consider switching to an AC motor. Since the AC motor will use less electricity, it will provide you with cost-savings. An AC motor is also cooler. When an elevator motor uses a lot of heat, you have to use an air conditioner to cool it down. With an AC motor, you can cut down on air conditioner use, which will reduce your electric bill’s cost. 

Smart Controllers

Advanced algorithms are used in digital controllers to aid in energy efficiency and enhance performance. The controllers can scan the activity of the elevator and reduce energy consumption and wait times.

Elevator modernization is one of the most cost-efficient decisions that you can make. Not only can it reduce costs, but your elevator ride becomes smoother with less noise and hassle. To find out how you can modernize your elevator or reduce costs, contact Southern Elevator by calling 336-436-9174 or emailing us today!

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