Elevator maintenance being preformed

When it comes to elevator maintenance, it is not something you want to overlook. At Southern Elevator, we know how important it is to keep your commercial elevator properly maintained, which is why we offer basic maintenance as well as three different preventative maintenance programs. It is important to know when your elevator needs maintenance, especially if you do not have a preventative maintenance plan in place.  

Things Are Running Slowly

One sure sign your elevator needs a little maintenance is when things begin to run slowly. This might be the elevator itself, but it could also be the response time between pushing the buttons and having them light up. It could be the speed at which the doors open and close. During routine maintenance, these components will be cleaned, adjusted, and lubricated to keep the elevator running smoothly at all times.

The Elevator Is Shaky

A shaky elevator is also a sign some of the components need to be lubricated or replaced. Old parts tend to become rusty or worn out, which will in turn shake the elevator as it moves up and down. Not only is this an issue of comfort to your riders, it’s an issue of safety and security.

There Are Strange Noises

When your elevator was first installed, you may have noticed a certain humming sound, and that’s normal. If it’s been some time and you are starting to hear squealing, clanking, grinding, or any other strange noises, we recommend having it looked at. With the right maintenance plan, you can prevent this from happening altogether.

The Standards Have Changed

Perhaps you’ve heard news about standards in the elevator industry changing. During routine maintenance, our technicians can check to be sure your elevator is up to code. We may make some recommendations for changes, or you may find out at the end that your elevator is in perfect standing.

Routine maintenance is one of the best things you can do for your commercial elevator. The team at Southern Elevator will work with you to determine which maintenance program is right for you. Call 336-436-9174 or email us today to learn more!

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